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how does a text only flash with unoriginal audio get front page?

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I wanna fuck you in the asshole!! right up in ....

That was great man, good work. I like this series :) The "behind the scenes" style toon was good too, something not rare in general but something I've not seen much of here on NG.

fiverized :)

Firth is King

but... I have to say in honesty, this flash is pretty weak. I think it's relatively easy to see that it was mostly improve and exercise. For that, I think it's good but I like your scripted work much better. Oddly, I think your scripted (as in planned) flashes tend to be much more bizarre and dreamlike than this improve one.

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good idea

I love Line Rider and Stunt Bike is another of my favorites. Mixing these two games was a great idea. But this game loses a lot of what made Line Rider so awesome, and that is the freeform creativity and experimentation. The way that the screen scrolls from one side to the other was a bit hard to handle. I would love to see a version where (like Line Rider) you can draw where you like, put jumps where you like, extend the track as long and as far as you like, etc. and also (like Stunt Bike and this game already is) you can control your lean and acceleration.

Overall, great idea. These were two games that were meant to be married.

you're on to something cool

I love the premise and everything you've included. Important note, level 5 is screwed... none of the buttons worked except sleep and big gig, but big gig took me to a black screen then nothing.

I think this is a great start, but you should add more stuff. It gets quite boring after a while. A few suggestions:

1-remove bought items from the store window, or have an inventory screen so you can see what you've already bought
2-have some kind of cool random event (groupies, parties, etc) happen every 5-10 days
3-introduce more options as the levels increase... give more things to do
4-make the levels shorter (perhaps let your creativity go up faster with each level)

this game is a cool idea :)

not bad

but I thought it was going to be a reverse dress-me up... and we all know why we play those :p

GSPervert responds:

So... you would have rated it *higher* if it was a reverse dress-me-up?

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